Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 35 - Lights, Cameras, Action!

Day 35
18 November 2011
Lights, Cameras, Action!

Initial Impressions: This morning while running late I was shoveling scalding hot oatmeal in my mouth... upon doing this I have given myself a very large blister on the roof of my mouth. Just because I figured you should all know. It's annoying.

Today's Friday! I was also pretty unproductive. Had a good breakfast that burned my mouth, had class - which was easy as I'd done that chapter already.  Came home, did a bit of homework then decided to take a nap. Woke up around 6:30 feeling really ill. I felt like I was going to puke or that I needed to sleep. I wasn't sure what was going on and wasn't too happy. After talking to my mom, who mentioned it might be a good idea to eat something as I haven't eaten since 9 am that I'm probably past the hungry stage and into the starving stage. Which by the way isn't all that much fun. Where were my hunger pains while I was sleeping?!?! I don't want to be starving, I love food! So after thinking and talking I decided to make some noodles, saute them in olive oil and add some veggies.  That went well and apparently I was hungrier than I thought as I finished it all.  After dinner I spent the rest of the night playing video games till my housemate knocked on my door. He (Anthony) has asked to borrow my taser to go out since he was going to a place on a different, unknown side of town (alone). I lent it to him and he was returning it. He also invited me for beers, but as I was in my pj's and kinda broke I said I'm going to just hang out here.  We talked for a little bit, sitting on the roof when suddenly the power goes out. In the whole neighborhood. For a very long time. Everyone is wondering whats up. We talk to the Korean guy for a bit, but he clearly had a good Friday and decided to just call it a night. After that the guy from Haiti, Jean Jacques, Anthony and I hung out on the roof talking.  We are going to get together tomorrow night with wine, beer, popcorn and food and drag out a blanket and some board games. Then we are camping out on the roof to hang out. Hopefully it wont be as cloudy so we can watch some stars.

Oh! Mireille mentioned that TioTehuacan will be closed Monday (*sad*) so we are going to check into that to make sure.  I really REALLY wanted to go. If we can't go this Monday we mentioned going next Saturday. So tomorrow we are going to try to talk to Luis and see if he knows.  If I can't make it to that then I will go to Zocalo for a parade.  There is also a small carnival (starting tomorrow - or tonight if they are the reason the power went out) to celebrate a specific Saint day in relation to the neighborhood. I don't know much about it yet, and will try to find out more tomorrow. If I go to the carnival I'll get photos. But as its already 12:30 am, and I've had no power for a while I think I'm going to go to bed.

Sorry on no photos (again).


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