Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 29 - Birthday Celebration

Day 29
12 November 2011
Birthday Celebration

Initial impressions: I think I woke up the same position I passed out in as my arms are WAY numb.  *blargh* I am probably still drunk... Did I offer to take the photos of a group of people last night and then was convinced to join them in their photo?! I took photos with random Mexicans last night?? *oh... I guess I did. Huh.... where's my copies?*

Okay so I woke up early (as per usual when I've been drinking).  I also still could not walk in a straight line. I bumped into the wall 3 times on the way to the bathroom. (sigh). When I woke up I was certain it was the same position I fell asleep in as my arms (both) were completely numb and I'm not certain what position you'd call what I was sleeping it. It wasn't side sleeping, back sleeping or even stomach sleeping... it was "drunk sprawl"... Well after getting up I found some water and sat on the computer wasting time while trying to re-hydrate in lots of water. At 11 am Luis let me know he had given his friend my and Anthony's number so that he could call for directions.  Fortunately he called Anthony while I decided I might be sober enough to not pass out in the shower.

Oh! Shower, today it felt like I had hot water. It was amazing. I really just stood there for so long in heaven.  After the shower I headed down stairs where I had to round up Jean Jaques and Anthony so we could go to Luis' Birthday Celebration. The celebration was held at this man in the neighborhood's house. He sells hamburgers around here and said Luis could use his space for the celebration.  The man was very friendly - apparently he makes his life as a singer.  He informed us he has 2 wives that live in the same city (what he meant is he had been married, divorced, and remarried). When he saw our confusion and I told him that is too complicated, too many problems he laughed and told me I can get two husbands! Not what I was quite going for, and I'm kinda confused as to the desire to find "husbands" for me here.. (Mireille, Shim, the burger guy, Anthony... WTF people?!) Anyway, the 3 of us get to Luis' birthday party and one of his friends had made it. I don't remember what his name was, but he is from Peru living in Mexico City for 7 years.  He is a mathematician working on his Masters at UNAM.  He was very intelligent, if a bit hard to understand.  He also plays chess and we spend a good amount of time talking about chess and books, poems, and authors.   All this intellectual talk in foreign languages makes me very very sleepy!  Plus being way drunk from yesterday.   I declined all alcohol today, just to make sure I don't die in my sleep from alcohol poisoning or something terrible but the guys partook MUCH of it. They bought 12 - 1200 mL bottles of Indio Alcohol.... They drank 11 of them for 4 guys.  By the end of the night Luis was clearly drunk and his Peruvian friend was passed out on the table.

One thing I can say about men in every single country despite the languages (we have English - Anthony, French - Jean Jaques, Spanish - Peruvian, Portuguese - Luis) is that genital jokes are universal.... it's funnier when they don't get the punch line due to the language barrier and when they explain it and it dawns on them their faces light up. I discovered I am basically living with a bunch of 15 year old boys (mentally).  I like these guys, they are intelligent, funny, and immature.  I do enjoy hanging out with them - even if its developed into my normal routine with guy friends. They pretty much forget I'm a girl and the things I "learn". Haha. Another thing about the languages, its very cool having had a brief background in each of them (Spanish, French, and Portuguese) that it makes it very interesting to talk/speak to them.

So after the party (I left at 8 to come home and do homework... and I'd been there since 1 pm and was a bit tired of boys) I hear about an hour or so later a bunch of ruckus... turns out the boys brought it back... and were clearly drunk. In fact I can still hear them talking and laughing and carrying on... and it's 1 am here.  On that note, I am very exhausted though and am going to get to bed. I'll get some photos tomorrow as I am going to the Mercado with the classmates. :D I will also be doing MUCH spending. *yay*... I really need to check my finances though... with the shopping and having to get a second suitcase, and the ridiculous baggage fees I will probably be either short money, or very tight when I leave. *fingers crossed* I will budget myself tomorrow and keep a very close eye on my bank!!  Sorry about failing to post yesterday's blog yesterday but I'll make up for it with pretty pictures tomorrow.

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