Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 28 - Out and About

Day 28
11 November 2011
Out and About

I will update this tomorrow as I went out tonight and am way to buzzed to type. <3

Hey guys, it's pretty late but I'll give you a run down of yesterday and then start today's blog. :)  Yesterday I had class and plans to go with the woman from Kenya to the shoe market in Guerrero... except she NEVER showed up for class. So I waited around campus for a while and nothing... I headed home and decided to call it a day. I've got homework and other responsibilities I need to do if I am going to be stood up.  Get home and get my stuff taken care of, quite productive overall with my homework :)  When suddenly the South American roommate knocks on my door, apparently the woman from Kenya messaged him asking where I am at! I was quite frustrated as it is already basically 1 pm now and we were supposed to meet at class (which starts at 9 am) and she had my phone number - And couldnt let me know anything until an hour after class ended?!  Anyway he asked what he should tell her, and I said I'm tired and doing homework I'm not going to the store. Tell her what you want or tell her nothing. I'm not going out.  So he didn't tell her anything. We'll see how class goes Monday. *shrug*

Okay, after that episode and lots of homework I went out with my housemates, The guy from Haiti (Jean Jaques) and the guy from South America (Anthony), and with Mireille (Finland).  We had dinner and drinks and just had a great time hanging out. As you may know I had a bit too great of a time and drank a lot, we were trying to get the guy from Haiti drunk as he has never been drunk. He said he'd drink what we drank and I'm the light weight in the group! *cheer* . I apparently am a very happy drunk, keep a decent composure - if I do think everything is funny and just laugh at nothing, a lot.... : / Fortunately I know great people. The guys refused to leave until Mireille's ride was here (aww so sweet). Then they loaded me in a cab... but since my version of walking was um "z" shaped Anthony held on wrist and Jean Jaques held my hand and we walked hand in hand to the taxi (lol).  The driver apparently saw 3*drunk* foreigners and decided he was going to drive all over the wrong way and get us "lost" and charge us a ton.  Our taxi fare was more than doubled. *grr* Regardless we got home, Anthony walked me to my room where I proceeded to almost give myself a bloody nose trying to get my boots off while sitting on the floor and then passed out in the bed. The best part of it is that I apparently messaged Lauren (my sister) and Stephen (my friend) before bed.... I woke poor Stephen up at 4 am to type completely hard to read messages with lots of <3's and how drunk I am....   Thank you for tolerating me guys (haha).

Okay that is a very shortened version of yesterday - see next blog for today :)

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