Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 30 - Mercado Madness

Day 30
13 November 2011
Mercado Madness

Initial Impressions: It's kinda nice being up early

So today was the Mercado trip with my classmates.  Unfortunately many of them couldn't make it.  I went out with Kam (China) and Shim and Jang (Korea).  We had a GREAT time actually. Kam and I met up at Copilco and rode up to Coyoacan where we met Shim and Jang.  From there we stopped at a local coffee shop (yummy!) and walked to the market/church area.  It was very nice. I bought a few gift - not much as the mercado seemed to offer more for food.  I saw my first whole dead chickens. I got pictures. Haha.  After shopping and checking out a museum (which was really cool) we went to lunch at a local restaurant. I LOVED the food.  It was very inexpensive, everything was delicious, and in very large portions.  We called it a day and headed our separate ways with plans to visit other sites over the next few weekends since I leave in about 3 weeks! (So soon!).

I've got a bunch of photos, (Half which belong to Shim, who was nice enough to email them to me) which I'll post up and will update on any other plans from today. I'm trying to find another near by mercado for more shopping or I might just call it a day and do more homework. *shrug*


Plaza in Coyoacan

Checking out the awesome dog. We saw this guy walking his
dog by Metro Coyoacan. The dog was gorgeous and friendly
AND so was the guy. :D

(From Right to Left)
Shim, Kam, Jang

Gawd, I'm sooo not photogenic. Haha

Kam, Shim, myself

DEAD CHICKENS! This is the first time
I've seen a whole, naked dead chicken.
Wasn't very pretty. : /


Jang wants "funny photos" (He was making "babies")

I was "born"

Shim, giving Kisses

Don't know how I feel about
Jang trying to "shoot me".

Shim and I

This guy was a guard at the museum... he asked where we are from
TURNS Out he worked in New York and spoke BOTH English and Korean
AND a bit a Chinese. It was fantastic to meet someone who spoke
ALL our languages.
Very nice guy :)

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