Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 33 - Just Keep Truckin'

Day 33
16 November 2011
Just Keep Truckin'

Initial Impressions: I'm learning a very valuable lesson... If I plan to not ditch, I shouldn't ever ditch....

Today I did go to class! *ha!* I am learning that going to class is a good thing and if you go every day it is easier to keep going and to NOT ditch, because once you ditch class I never ever want to go back and I end up sitting at home playing video games or sleeping and ordering delivery all day like a total bum.... (lesson for when I'm back in the states attending school - No more ditching! or I'll be in college another 7 years *sigh*) I even managed to get all my homework turned in (for Spanish).  Class was good, I wanted to go buy an awesome little book that conjugates verbs for me (which would be very helpful) but I figured it would be better to come home and do my exams than go for an hour adventure for a book. Turns out that was a wise decision. *Shocked face*  I wasn't aware I could make those. But I did. I came home, heated up my left overs and make a turkey sandwich.  Sat on the computer in the kitchen (which I hate) because it was housekeeping day.  I managed to get all 4 quizzes done with a B or higher on EVERY SINGLE one of them. That's 4 quizzes and 12 chapters in 6 hours. *Fist pump* I'm amazing, have I mentioned that? (I also lack humility)  So after that, I logged online and checked my other classes. I have 3 peer reviews I need to get done - So I finished one of them completely. I am a bit concerned that I was a tad to ... overzealous... in the editing process. I tried to tone it down but I LOVE editing. That makes me sound like the biggest nerd on the planet I know... but if you didn't know that 33 posts into my damn blog and my daily mention of my video game addiction to World of Warcraft you aren't paying enough attention and should focus more on my words. There important. Like me. :D

Haha okay, back on topic (since I can't always be the center of my world). I finished one peer review, and downloaded the information for the other two. I'll get those done tomorrow as well as start my Latin American Civ. quizzes OR work on a paper.  I also managed to get my Spanish homework done. That was 40 sentences of verbs I haven't learned (completely) having to conjugate them.  I got them written down, translated about half (I'll do the rest in class tomorrow) and even managed to write down all the verbs I need to study AND the words. I'm so excited. Another nerd alert here, I love to make flash cards. I really enjoy conjugating verbs and putting them on my little flash cards.  Writing things down seems to really help me retain the information. *grin*

Well, I didn't do anything but homework, I didn't get any photos and I even forgot to eat breakfast and dinner. I'm going to lose all this weight by forgetting to eat and getting stressed over homework and my Spanish verbal exam *panic*.... but then I'm going to get home and eat as much crap as I can find AND then I'll have gained double what I lost *sigh*.   Oh! Speaking of that I've decided when I get home I'm going to try to find some kind of athletic activity. I don't know about a gym, I tend to hate them with a passion, much like treadmills. Pointless running in one spot. I'd rather run outside.  So I'm going to look for fun classes (probably yoga, I like yoga) or something else of that nature.   It will help me keep down the stress level of a full course load combined with a part time job and eventually planning my future *scary*.

I've got nothing else for you people. Other than my awesomeness. Which does require at least 5 hours of sleep and a decent meal tomorrow morning or I'll be *rawr* evil Rachael mode.  So good night and I'm debating writing this blog in Spanish, some of it to get practice.  Might be good for me... and make it interesting/boring/pointless for half you readers, though I'm sure Google Translate will take care of it.. unless it hates you like it hates me and CRASHES halfway through my stuff. *death ray glare at Google*.


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