Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 26 - Charge!

Day 26
9 November 2011

Initial Impressions: I need to get up just a tiny bit earlier if I don't want to have to take my breakfast to go...

Today I got up early enough to get ready, take the trash out and be downstairs to cook by 8:45 (which is perfect as its a 5 min. cab ride, 10 minute walk).  I figured I have left over potatoes from yesterday and I'll whip up two scrambled eggs. No problem right? Well all my housemates felt the exact same idea. Instead of us sharing one pot to all make eggs together we each waited our own turns... and of course I was 4 out of 7, which really shouldn't count cause the Korean guy leaves at 6 and the guy from Haiti had already said he was ditching school and sleeping in all day (that makes me last).  So I scrambled my eggs and tossed it all in a Tupperware dish to run out the door and make it to class with 5 minutes to spare.  I run up all 4 flights of stairs and just sit their out of breath staring at my food. My teacher laughs, and tells me "tranquillo" (Or be calm) and said I could go ahead and eat as everyone is always late anyway.  Class went great, we are more than 1/2 way through the book, which is fantastic since we've got a month of class left. I'm going to make some vocabulary cards and practice conjugating my verbs for that class.

Half way through class it dawned on me I might have had something due for NMSU.... and I had a massive moment of panic.  After class Shim and Mireille wanted to know if I wanted to find a museum on campus. I explained I thought I had an assignment due yesterday, but then realized if I did it was already late so yeah, lets go to the museum. While there we saw a musical performance (part of it) I got a bit of video before we headed into the museum. I'd like to note how much in the States we are cutting Arts; music, drawing, dance, etc... here it is EVERYWHERE. It is fantastic, its just another point of how the U.S. is striving for something and losing so damn much. :( But, we had a nice time, and I invited them out to the club Friday if they want. Shim also said once she and her boyfriend get their new kitchen table (this next week) we are invited over... and can meet her boyfriend and their friends. *Yay!* New friends.  I'm looking forward to meeting new people, although its sad because I leave so soon now.

After the museum we headed back to CEPE where I went to Walmart for some groceries.  Picked up enough food for the whole rest of the month that I'm here and came home to make dinner. I had a snack and made some potato soup, although it wasn't nearly as good as it is at home cause I didn't have green chile. I bought some chile here, and even roasted it on the stove, its just not the same *sigh*. Oh! Asian roommates are freaking awesome. Those chop sticks make EXCELLENT green chile roasters over the open flame. >.> I, of course, made enough soup to feed everyone in the house twice, so I shared it.  After that I dragged my laptop and my papers down stairs where I have been camped out in the damn kitchen avoiding World of Warcraft and being responsible writing my research paper. In fact I should be just about done with it now. My friend Stephen happens to be the most amazing person every since he is proof reading it and pointing out I like to use oxymoron's (I really like that word... remember siblings how we used to call each other that).

Anyway, after the proof reading I'm going to submit that, check out my other classes, though nothing is due tonight and after writing an 8 page paper I'm a bit wore out on homework... so I'm hoping I'm done and I can go waste the rest of the night on WoW until tomorrow where I will focus on writing my Latin American Civ. paper or taking my exams... maybe I should just do my exams now so I can play WoW later... *ponder*.... Uh responsibility. Also as a side note I've mentioned I've been apartment hunting. I emailed a girl about an apartment she was trying to get someone take her lease over. I mentioned that I did have dogs, and was curious about the pet policy. To which she replied, "It's already been leased. And it's very very cruel to keep dogs pinned up in a space that small." to which my immediate "Bitch Mode" turned on and I was very annoyed (I hate people who preach at me, who the heck does she think she is??).  I replied, "Well it's a hell of a lot better than most college kids, irresponsible pet owners, and morons who dump them unwanted at the pound the minute life doesn't make things convenient so they can be abandoned, forgotten and euthanized right? But hey, glad life worked out for you and you managed to find someone to take your lease."  That is probably the first time Bitch Rachael has reared her head in about 4 months. I was a bit shocked at the vehemence I felt, and wanted to respond to her with. It's not like I have experience with what I'm talking about, I've worked in an animal shelter and seen every single response and reason for abandoning your pet - and let me tell you - not one of them is okay.  That pet of yours would rather be cramped into a damn cardboard box with you than shoved into a cage surrounded by strange sounds, smells, people and animals in this foreign environment where their best behavior never shines through due to stress and eventually gets over looked for something smaller, younger, cuter and gets sent to that cold sterile room that smells like death even to our crappy human senses and eventually wonder why things changed as they have this strange human jabbing them with that damn needle.

Okay sorry, ranted there. I really feel strongly about that and I would never presume to push my feelings on people. I am entitled to feel what I feel and express it, and I believe they are too, but in a situation where it was completely uncalled for? That's like me asking, "Oh is your apartment still for rent... and by the way I hope you weren't a slob when you lived there". How dare I assume something like that, any more than anyone else can. Okay. Less ranting more on the positives of life. Um... I made myself a fantastic cup of English Breakfast Tea (which I finally found) with some milk while finishing my paper and relaxing.

Um. Um... it rained again tonight. And I want to definitely work on my Spanish more. I've even considered seeing if I can audit a Spanish class while at NMSU... it might be a bit much on the extra class thing but I've got the base going here and I think if I keep up with it... it might shine through. Finally. Today Mireille asked me about classes and homework from NMSU and my immediate response was in Spanish.. to which I had to pause and think... "wait. wait... um how do I say I have 6 tests and a few papers to write in English" which is where I got distracted by thinking "HOLY CRAP I THOUGHT IN SPANISH OMFG ITS FINALLY KICKING IN! AUGH!".

Okay... well I've run out of productive things to say and am going to go prod Stephen with a metaphorical stick so I can get that paper done. :D


Video is very short, Sorry about that. But it's something. heh.

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