Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 32 - Highway Robbery!

Day 32
15 November 2011
Highway Robbery!

Initial Impressions: Why is there knocking on my door? I'm ignoring it. *snooze button for knocking*

Apparently, when you mentally hit "snooze" on someone knocking on your door it works! I managed to fall back to sleep after (I'm assuming) Anthony was trying to see if I was going to class.  I did skip class today, but was extremely productive on every other sense of the day.  I did ALL my laundry, cleaned the fridge out, washed dishes, at breakfast and wrote a whole paper.  *Fist pump*

After being a semi-good student and extremely productive I managed to finally keep my 'movie plans' with my friend.  I walked down to the Metro to catch a taxi, the driver said No problem, he'd find where I need to go... 142.00 Pesos later, 2 phone calls to Yair, and 4 people we stopped and asked directions for he drops me off at a Taxi Stand, jacked an extra 40.00 Pesos from (refused to give me my change) and drove off with me halfway in the damn taxi.  At this point I'm practically 45 minutes late... and I'm certain that is quite late, even by the 'fluid time thing' Mexico has going on.  I then wait in a very long line (I'm 9th) to get a taxi... This driver (fortunately) knew where we were going.  He was 'younger' looking. He asked me where I'm from, my name, my age, and if I'm single. >.> Then I THINK he asked me for coffee, but I was so excited to see the Magnocentro that I pretty much jumped out of the cab and ran in the building ignoring whatever he had said.  Also I'm certain "almost" 37 years old is a bit too old for me.

After arriving at the Magnnocentro (the awesome mall/restaurant/movie theater place) at 7:30 (an hour and a half late) I met Yair and his friend Alan.  We went to Chili's to eat and talk and watch a movie. Unfortunately Yair's friend had to leave early (and we were already quite late).  After dinner we went to a movie, we saw Jack and Jill.  It was an Adam Sandler movie and was hilarious!  Some of the movie even had my eyes watering with tears. The theater was quite large, the seats were fantastic (and leather!!) and you had a good sized amount of leg room (not that I need that being short an all).  Yair was very gentlemanly and paid for dinner and most of the movie cost (pretty much all of it) cause he said the taxi ride was so expensive for me, and an adventure at that.

My first taxi driver was terribly confused and not overly friendly.  I remember Pablo saying to always call for a taxi for safety - we'll I'm finally heeding that, not so much for safetly (probably stupid there right?) but because the taxi stands/called taxis know where the hell they are going and very efficient.  The final taxi I got home, which Yair made sure was safe and the total cost (etc) before I got in got me home in about 1/3 of the time it took me to get there! I will admit there was pretty much no traffic, but that doesn't count!  The views on the ride home were amazing.  Even the ones on the way (the second taxi ride), the houses were gorgeous, the neighborhoods very well kept, Christmas lights up and just... beautiful. On the way home I could see stars!!! I don't think I've seen any since I've been here... maybe that is why I haven't been homesick really... seeing the stars when I was in the UK is what made me first notice I was homesick.  There was a gorgeous church to the East which I wish I'd had enough time to stop and look at or even ask where it was.  Very very old building, I completely fell for it.  I also loved how on a freeway as we started the decent you could see so much of Mexico laid out before you. Very Very pretty.  Overall it (getting lost/late) wasn't too much of an issue, the city is so large I can't imagine anyone knowing the whole thing well enough to navigate perfectly.  I was even fine with the first guy, until he robbed me 40 extra pesos and almost drove off with half my body. That was very rude.

Tonight was fantastic. I had a lot of fun, in fact I think it was one of the times I had the most fun so far here in Mexico while going out.  I really enjoyed the chance to get out and relax, to explore and do something new and just visit with a friend.  I think instead of forcing myself to try to do any exams I will instead go play video games and relax for an hour then go to bed early so I can get up and work on some homework. :D I will attend class tomorrow *fingers crossed* then come home to do my final 4 exams due tomorrow... Wish me luck!

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