Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 34 - Zombieeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Day 34
17 November 2011

Initial Impressions: Cloudy. Gray. Zombieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Today I felt like a zombie. I am certain it took me 35 minutes after  I woke up to even say a word to anyone. I just kinda walked around, did what needed to get done and kinda be mind numb. I had Spanish, which was normal (so great). After class we (Shim, Mireille and I) decided to head to the book store. On the way there we happened to be walking behind Anthony, who recognized my voice. He turned around to say hi, and when I introduced Shim to him, I said "Oh, this is Anthony, my housemate. He's the one with the brain parasites..."  Which was quite funny, even if (as Anthony mentioned later) "was one of the ... most interesting ways to introduce someone.... as there aren't better ones...." :D  After running into Anthony, we (the girls and I) headed to the bookstore to buy our book of conjugations of Spanish verbs and grammatical stuffs... Let me tell you, this thing is confusing as all get out.

After buying our books we decided to head to VIPS to eat. It was the closest food place and we hadn't tried it yet. Overall it was very good, except Mireille's gluten free food arrived on slabs of toast... Fortunately my food didn't have gluten in it so we were able to trade. Whatever she had ordered was also very good :D So it worked out perfect. Beans, cheese, and bread? *heaven!* The lunch was a lot of fun, we teased each other, made jokes, laughed and genuinely had a great time. I'm really happy I've met these people, and wish I could stay longer. I feel like we could be even better friends than we are now. So because of that I will strive very very hard to keep in contact with them. :D Speaking of friends, Anthony mentioned that Luis (the Brazilian) wants to go to TeoTihuacan on Monday - SOOOO we are taking a trip. I'm inviting the class tomorrow and I'm certain a good chunk of us will go. It shouldn't be too expensive, but family reading my blog - if you want gifts from there you better put money in my account... also I'm eating Ramen noodles every day and I'm super tired of it.... "Feed Rachael in Mexico Fund Donations"??? *wink wink*

Okay... let's see... new stuff. Again, no pictures, sorry. : / I'm sooo slacking off on that.. but I WILL TAKE MY GOOD CAMERA to teotihucan! Never fear I'll have good photos. :)  Homework, I've successfully managed to write out and conjugate another 40 funny verbs I've never seen before in Spanish. My brain is dead.  I've got to do this homework earlier, because I already am certain I'll be a zombie tomorrow. *mmmmmmmmmmmmmm brains* no no, not that kind of zombie... the kind that doesn't make her bed because she is certain she'll be back into in no time... :D

Also, I've managed to plan out my family trip to Texas for the Holidays to visit the step-siblings. I think I've mapped it all out well, and have contacted my brother and sister (who will be carpooling together) Sister is in, now I'm waiting on Brother (Bryan I'm talking to yooooou!). :D

So things are looking good, homework is getting completed. I've got appointments to make for potential interviews for houses/roomies when I arrive back in the states, Spanish is coming along, trips to see family.... I'm quite happy and excited. I'm also developing a 5 year plan for after I graduate to pay off my student loans and other various goals. :D I'm off to bed at this point. I'll get photos as soon as I can.


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