Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 23 - The Cathedral

Day 23
6 November 2011
The Cathedral

Initial Impressions: Just doing lots of thinking about school and moving come January....

Today I had plans to head to the plaza. I didn't connect the fact that the plaza was right next to the Cathedral so I didn't take my awesome camera. I will take a second trip before I go home with the nice camera.  I do have several photos and I did record part of the mass before I figured I should get out of the middle so people can actually celebrate mass.  This was one of those times I wish Grandma and Grandpa was with me so they could check it out. I know you guys would have LOVED it.  Part of the church was celebrating mass the other side was celebrating Baptisms.  I've never seen a church so big, I can't help but be in awe of it.  I love how no matter where in the world you are, if you walk into a Catholic church they ALL smell the same.  It was beautiful.

In the center of the plaza was lots of artist creations. They were numbered, and I'm assuming in some sort of competition but nothing was labeled with what it was for.  After getting a few photos of that, and checking out the church we went outside for SHOPPING!! :D  While shopping we saw performers (I got video of that too).  The things they made/sold/built was fantastic. I'm sure everything was over priced, but I got to work on my bartering skills in Spanish. :D  I also ran into the Korean guy from my Spanish class.  We talked a bit, in Spanish and introduced our friends. Hahaha, poor Anthony (my housemate), the guy from class asked if he was my boyfriend and you should have seen how fast I said "Noooooooooooooooooooooo".  Lol  I VERY quickly explained that he was my friend who lives in the same house and also attends Cepe. It was a great afternoon and I really enjoyed going to check the place out.  I can't wait to go back with my nice camera and the rest of the places I will go see. *Excited* I can't wait. I have about a month left and I plan to pack as much fun things as possible in for the rest of the damn month. I really could use one more month here, just to focus on all the things to see and never get enough.  There is so much in the place, it's impossible to see and appreciate it they way it deserves. It's such a diverse, rich, and gorgeous cultural and historical bounty... *sigh*...

I love it. Maybe after my degree I'll take the whole summer off and just come live here for the summer and travel.  I can rework my probably by then rusty Spanish skills and just enjoy it with out having to worry about classes, homework, and papers. And maybe my family will by then FINALLY get their damn passports so they can come with me *nudge nudge*.  You guys talk about how fantastic I make it seem, how you are envious, and want to adventure and wish you could do it. Stop wishing, just do! How will anything in life every get done if you don't take one step forward? You don't have to LEAP forward like I tend to... but you can take small steps. It's so freeing, and just... fantastic. I don't know if I'll be the same person I was before, but I'm already in love with who I'm becoming now I can't wait to see who I develop into with more of this travel and cultural awareness and appreciation.

Okay, okay no more on that.... But!! I got bunches of awesome little gifts and have officially reached the "I need a second suitcase" point.  I spent about 3 hours wandering around and shopping, had a late lunch (WHERE I FINALLY FOUND SPICY FOOD! even though it was Italian and not Mexican *sigh* This is my biggest disappointment with Mexico. I thought the food would be so much spicier. ) then headed back home.  Now that I'm home I will probably just relax the rest of the night and check up on my homework. So onto loading the photos. I'll post them up, and maybe get the videos up if the site cooperates.

OH! okay you have to listen to this song while watching the videos *mwahahahaha* (sorry it came on Alec's itunes while I was uploading and now I have to force you all to experience it)

I put this version, mostly because the guy is FREAKING AMAZING. I can't even hit a note to save my life, much less sing how he manages the range. Okay okay, enjoy the video.

Onto the photos! If they are fuzzy I apologize, I couldn't use flash for them so it was difficult to hold still with hundreds of people jostling.

Sorry its crooked I don't know how to fix that :D

Street Performance

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