Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 20 - Fall is in the air!

Day 20
3 November 2011
Fall is in the air!

Initial Impressions: It's finally feeling a teensy bit like fall :D  I guess I can stop commenting on things being in Spanish, when I type this starting point I want to put the date in Spanish... So I guess I'm starting to get my brain on the right track.

Today was my first day back to class after the holiday.  Unfortunately our teacher is ill so we had a short class today.  I also met with the woman who is helping me/monitoring my online progress. She wanted to know if I have started it, since there are issues about showing any of her students (for basico 2 online) as having done any work.  I assured her I had started it, but would go ahead and work on it tonight too.  Which I did... and apparently I can't pronounce things or there is a glitch in my computer because I'm 95% certain I'm pronouncing "frio" right, despite what it tells me otherwise. *grr*

Well after that I headed to walmart for some basic kitchen supplies, we were running low on the stuff we take turns buying so I figured I'd get it and cross my name off the list of who has to buy next. :D  I didn't do much else today other than homework.  I did post up a lot of the photos (totally not edited and sideways to boot) on the previous few blogs.  I really need a better program, it takes me almost the whole day to load that many photos, imagine how long it would take to EDIT them. I'm sorry they are kinda "lazy" and just dumped on the site.  I'll work on either editing them or finding a site more compatible.

Other news... *ponder* well the leaves are starting to fall off the trees (I'll get photos tomorrow) and its starting to feel crisp and cool in the air. Everyone on the planet is getting sick with what I'm pretty sure is the flu, only since it seems to hit them hard and lasts a while.  *Fingers crossed that stupid flu shot I got that made me bleed like I was dying actually works!*  I've decided I really need to spend a good chunk of one day this weekend working my butt off on my Spanish, just studying verbs, writing them out, and pronouncing them.  I want to talk more so I'm thinking I'm going to really focus on going "out" as much as possible.  I'll be going 'shoe' shopping this weekend, maybe out to dinner with my housemates, and then I've also got a football (soccer) game planned to attend on Sunday. I might also go to a museum, but see if I can find a tour so I can hear the Spanish, not just walk around reading.  Oh and lastly I might consider going to Cancun with some of my classmates - they've been talking about it... but I am not sure, I didn't bring a swimsuit. *ponder*.

I didn't have any photos, especially since I figure you guys can look at the last few days to see the ones I put up. Now it's time for my bed.  :)

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