Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 24 - Under the Weather?

Day 24
7 November 2011
Under the Weather?

Initial Impressions: I seriously don't feel like class this morning.... Just want to sleep in and do homework.

I went to class. I figured I'm here for two months, I have absolutely no reason to be ditching classes, especially since I came to learn Spanish.  I was very tired though and probably should stop staying up till 2 am.  Class was normal, although everyone was very quiet and a bit 'tired' if I do say so myself.  Everyone mostly kept to themselves and the joking was kept to a minimum.  After class I walked home and figured I'd do some laundry and some homework.

 Lately my left eye has been bothering me pretty bad.  Earlier I had posted that the pollution was affecting my contacts - in the sense they are uncomfortable to wear all day long.  Well I think the discomfort, which causes me to rub my eyes more frequently led to an abrasion in my left eye ball. Instead of doing laundry I figured I'd put some eye drops in and close my eyes for a bit just to see if it helps (with my contacts off, of course).  Turns out that my 12 minutes of resting my eyes at 12:30 turned into me sleeping until 5:30 pm!! After I woke back up I figured I MUST DO HOMEWORK... which is where I headed when I realized "oh yay! there was a server issue on the main site which made it collapse today... and apparently affected my site for homework."

So I spent a bit of time surfing the web and chatting with family - I got to skype call my sister and my 2 year old nephew! I miss you guys so damn much and can't wait to hug on Aiden. :( I had a lot of fun talking to him, even if he was a bit confused at first as to what was going on. He very much liked the gift I got him and told me he misses me too... aww <3.  Okay, back to classes, after the site came back up I did my homework, made myself some soup and grilled cheese since I've been kinda blah today. Now I can say "Oh its cause you drank that whole bottle of wine and watched movies all late last night, stupid"... but it feels more like I'm under the weather or just on the verge of potentially getting a cold. *DAMN IT!* not at all what I wanted. So I am going to leave you all a shorter blog, no photos (sorry, but you can look at yesterdays again!) and get my butt to bed early.

Here's to hoping I wake up feeling awesome since I'll be trying to navigate the metro alone to meet up with a friend for a movie... though if I still feel kinda blah I'll just pay the expensive cab fare... maybe... 40 minutes is a far cab ride. : /


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