Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 25 - Resting

Day 25
8 November 2011

Initial Impressions: I slept terribly... and had even worse dreams.  I woke up repeatedly, and was up at 6 am, how can I feel perky?

Well yesterday I posted I wasn't feeling too goo and was concerned I was falling ill. I decided to go to bed early - which ultimately would have been a good idea had I gotten any sleep. I kept having terrible nightmares - and would wake up ultimately 5 times last night, the last one at 6 am. I didn't feel tired, but I just felt awful. After all the dreams, not having any way to reassure myself things were fine, missing my dogs and being either way to hot or way to cold I decided today was going to be a 'no-go' as for school. I pulled up the covers, rolled over and went back to freaking sleep once the sun was up hoping I wouldn't be interrupted by terrible dreams again.  I did get up around 9ish to check on some homework, apartment hunt, and even look for a few more dogs.  I heard back from the apt I was planning to move into, the ones I looked at when I had to get my shots to leave the country, apparently they will no longer let me have all 3 of my pets, and would like me to pay a 250.00 deposit per dog. That's ridiculous. I am not paying 500 bucks for two dogs under 10 pounds, especially if I can't bring Digger.  They calmly told me,

Hello Rachael, 
I hope all is well today! I would love to give you more info! We are pet friendly here. Are you planning on renting  one room and your roommates that your considering have dogs too? In this case it would  be okay to have more than one pet in the apartment, but we cannot have 3 dogs for one person. The other 2 rooms and common area are shared with others. We have a $250 pet deposit and an additional $30.00 a month pet rent. 

To secure your spot for December, you will need to complete all of the paperwork that I have attached. Our Application fee has been waived from $100 to just $60.00 right now. We are also waving our $250.00 Community Fee.  Please complete both applications as well as the lease agreement. Please let me know if you have any questions! 

 This was basically a "screw you and your concerns kind of approach" which made me VERY upset. Did she miss the point that said I have three dogs, and no I would much rather not fill out your damn paperwork, with various fees if I can't bring ALL my dogs. Why the hell would a pet friendly apartment, where I had made it clear I'm fine with the fees happily tell me to choose which dogs I want then try to convince me to pay them for it? Ugh. Sooo back to square one on the apartment hunt. I was really hoping to not have to move/buy furniture or to have to set up utilities, but that is what its looking like will be happening.  My new plans are to move in mid-Jan if not sooner and sleep on my sleeping bag for 2 months until I can afford to buy a bed, as I'm not moving my queen size again. I'm really trying to stick to my 100-items (basically what will fit in my car) and that damn bed will not be one of them.   As you read earlier I skipped school to sleep in, do homework, and generally be productive. It was very successful. I got laundry done, took out the trash, cleaned the fridge and made breakfast. Granted the only lazy thing I did all day was not making my bed, but since its now 1:00 in the morning I'm fine with that. After the afternoon passed I got another message from my housemates seeing if I was alive, apparently my freezing cold shower also has a habit of electrocuting people. I fortunately have not had this cheerful experience, but Luis lived here before I did and he suffered it every time he showered.  So this is why they check in on me, so they don't have to barge in and find my frozen blue, electrocuted dead body in the shower. Sounds pleasant, no?

Well after they checked in I wanted to know if they wanted to go for dinner. Tomorrow is Luis' birthday and we are celebrating Saturday night but I thought it would be fun to just go out to dinner. I suggested Hooters earlier last week - but None of them have been! In fact they had no idea what it was. After terrible Spanish, and basically miming why they would want to go we decided to all head out at 7.  Apparently 7pm = rush hour traffic in Mexico as a 15 peso cab ride turned into 45 due to sitting in traffic.  Either way, I didn't mind.  We get to Hooters (after explaining to the taxi driver what it was also... apparently bar, food, and big boobs are universal gestures) and everyone (the guys) are pretty excited.  We have a few beers and munch on some food, while they literally ogle the women like they've never seen women before. (Haha).  I've got a few photos of it, though Luis' came out better than mine.  After Hooters we went to a bar near our house for a last drink before home, where they proceeded to throw us out at 10:30... that seemed a bit early to us, but the conversation was a bit... tasteless and all the other tables were empty.  We headed home, where we talked for a few more hours and made plans to go to a club Friday night at 9 (I'm so wearing my mini dress w/ my new leather boots!!!) after I've gotten home and relaxed from round 2 at the magical, amazing shoe world with a few of my female classmates after school.  Saturday we are celebrating Luis' birthday at this friendly man's... um shop(?)... where he sells burgers off the side of the road (haha, the people we meet).  This is my overall weekend plans and what went on today. Hopefully tomorrow will be eventful, but I'm feeling like it will just be a lot of homework as classes wrap up in one month for both schools and I have a large amount of work.

Oh! On a side note I've developed a new book idea and even started the idea, beginning the research.  I've also contacted my buddy, and AMAZING artist Sye to possibly sketch the images for it, instead of me stealing them off the internet.  If things go well I'll toss some of it up here.  I've also talked about graduate school options, careers, and jobs - and was pointed out the opportunities to teach abroad (for graduate school).  So I will begin looking into those once I've gotten home.

This is pretty much it tonight, I'll post the photos up now.

From Left to Right:
The guy from Haiti, Me, The guy from South America, The Guy From Brazil

As you can see we were all kinda "meerrg" on the photo, and also we were unsure when to smile and what exactly was going on... Despite it being our first drinks.

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