Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 21 - Fun Time

Day 21
4 November 2011
Fun Time

Initial Impressions: I don't remember any.

Today I had class as usual, the instructor was sick yesterday so only a few people showed up today.  After class I organized a 'field trip' that entailed going to the magical massive huge shoe place in Guerrero.  We headed to the shoe place today where I spent way more than I planned on less shoes than I was expecting. Although I got these AMAZING leather boots that are amazing. Hooker boots? Yes sir.

Anyway, after about 3 1/2 hours of shoe shopping (haha) I decided to head back to home but stopped at Coyoacan (the metro stop) to shoe Mireille where the Frido Khalo Museum is.  After showing here where it was and eating a late lunch we headed back home.  Upon getting home I decided to see if any of my housemates wanted to go out - which they did. So I decided to wear my awesome amazing smexy new boots !(that are REAL leather).  We went out to a bar that was basically close which is why I am now posting at @ 1:30 am while drunk. I am sorry this blog will be terribly short but I've only written two paragraphs and I've had like 9 misspellings so I will updated/fix/ and make a better post tomorrow.

tomorrow I've got plans to buy my futbal tickets and maybe go out again, no se. Anyway. I'm going to bed but I'd like to point out my spanish is either better when i'm drunk or i can't tell it sucks. And I made friends with the  bartender. Anyway. Love you peoples and bed time for drunk me.

Okay, sober me is adding pictures of the boots, and as per my mom's conversation the photo of the weather today. I can't believe you guys have snow!! Its so warm here I almost don't need more than a sweater. XD

*AUGH!!!!* my eyes after drinking *ugh*

These are my "going out boots" and I LOVE them

These are just way comfortable and I'm going to live in them.

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