Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 37 - Unexpected End

Day 37
20 November 2011
Unexpected End

Well folks, I am returning home a bit earlier than I planned. I was given a notice yesterday that I owe rent again. When I moved in I had written down all of my questions, in particular "How much do I owe for the whole 7 weeks I'm staying in your home" since I wont be here for a whole 2 months. The woman said "2800 pesos". I asked "2800 y no mas?" She said "Yes, 2800 total, nothing else". So I thought, "PERFECT!". Except now its been 5 weeks and I owe rent again.  I do not have 2800 pesos, nor do I have enough money to afford to pay for all my groceries that spoiled in the fridge or to afford my other things that is all due by Tuesday. Yes I'll have more money come midweek from family - BUT still, I don't want to keep borrowing everything from them.  So I sat down and wrote out the costs of being here, plus my bills when I get home... and then made a pro and con list. I really like lists. They make me happy :D

I've come to the conclusion that it would be the most financially mature and stable thing to do to return home. I can borrow money, sure. I can ask my family to lend me money to support me for 3 more weeks, AND I can even ask for money when I get back to the states to go visit family in Texas, and drive to Las Cruces to pay for my apartment, and find a job... until I get my school money. Or I can call it a day and return home now, start working a bit to save up and then am able to afford on my own, with out borrowing money, to go to Texas, to pay my bills, to drive go Cruces and pay my apartment BEFORE I get my school money. I am a bit sad. I really enjoy Mexico. A lot. I love the people, the place, the environment, the life... but I think that the one thing it has done while I'm here is help me grow up a bit. And I think part of that growing up - seeing different cultures and lifestyles has helped me appreciate how good I have it and that as I'm going to be 25 I've got things I need to get done.

I've discovered on this journey a different sense of self, a different part of me I didn't know I had. And I really like this part of me. I would like to nurture and help it grow. And I think to do that I should learn my priorities. And those priorities are finishing my B.A., paying off my debt, and growing into a person I'll be able to like and love.  I read an article about a girl who used 5 years to pay off over 100,000.00 of school debt. I don't have half of that - so I'm going to try the same thing. After my B.A. I'll apply towards my M.A and then I'll spend the next 5 years striving to be debt free then I'll travel. Then I'll enjoy life and learn the kinds of things I learned on this trip to Mexico while I'm debt free and can afford them with out having to borrow from my family.

I apologize I never got those photos of Teotihucan, that is my biggest regret of when I go home. I really really wanted to see that place.  But now it gives me something to strive for in 5 years. I'll finish up today, and then probably post up a bit on my experience with flying home tomorrow but after that my blog will be coming to a conclusion.  Thank you for reading and I hoped that I inspired some of you to travel and see the world. To be open to new experiences and cultures and to learn that there is a whole world out there just waiting for you to explore... if you plan finances better than I do (haha).


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 36 - Round and Round We Go

Day 36
19 November 2011
Round and Round We Go

Initial Impressions: Hmmm.... odd... my lights aren't working....

My "odd the lights aren't working" turned into almost 10 hours of no power or internet. Fortunately the only project I have is due tomorrow.  Unfortunately, my cell phones were nearly dead, my kindle and laptop were both dead so I have to finish that project...  The fridge was out of power, leaving everyone's food to spoil and we spend a ton of time looking like hobos sitting in the dark in the kitchen.  After hours and hours of napping and talking, and complaining we finally decided as a group to go to the little festival/carnival in our neighborhood's plaza.  Anthony, Luis, and Jean Jacques and myself all headed down there. Of course the first thing they do is grab giant beers. I tried whatever it was with salt (I wanted to try it with chile but they only got salt and I didn't want a whole one). After they beers a veered over to lady selling fruit and marshmellows on sticks that she then covered in chocolate and a topping. I asked for strawberries then asked her to choose the topping. She picked coconut. It was fantastic!!

After they had their beers and I had my strawberries I was begging the guys to ride the rides with me, especially the crazy ones. No one wanted to. So I did the chicken dance. Repeatedly. Till they caved.  Jean Jacques, Anthony and I rode the first, and easiest one - just forwards and backwards really fast in a circle. The second one, which went forwards and backwards in a circle and upside down (the dragon type ones?) Anthony and I rode. Finally I managed to get Luis on the last one... which ended up being the undoing of me. It went in a circle, forwards and backwards. Up then down, THEN it tilted sidways, while moving circular then up and down. Luis laughed the entire ride... I was okay until we stopped moving, but the minute we came to a complete stop I hurled. It was terrible. Fortunately it wasn't toooo bad as I didn't get it on anyone or anywhere except over the edge on the ground. I felt really really bad for the guy operating the ride, and I've learned my lesson. Do not ride 3 different types of movements on carnival rides one right after the other. After my disgracing myself (ugh, what a weenie! Only 3 rides?!?!) they guys walked me to where we had Luis' party. The man who lives there let me go upstairs and clean up. After I came down ALL of them, the owner included did the chicken dance right back at me. It was hilarious.

We relaxed for a bit, ate some food, joked and talked... then we discovered the eggs. I don't know about you all, but my family has a tradition, on Easter, to hollow out eggs and fill them with confetti and glitter. Then we chase each other and smash them on each others heads. Weeeeellllllll they guys had no idea what I was talking about... I demonstrated. Then we proceeded to chase each other around the colonia smashing eggs on each other. The owner of the shop and his family even got involved. There was negotiating, lying, being traitorous, sneaky and all around manipulative. It was fantastic. I had enough flour and confetti (as they filled them with flour) to make a pretty colored tortilla in the damn shower. I had to wash my hair twice to get it all out and now it's crazy frizzy. I'll have to wash and deep condition it tomorrow or it's going to be all over the place.  After the confetti eggs and the uneasy truce we developed we decided to have (they mostly) another beer and I grabbed a bite to eat. While were were relaxing we ran into the Korean girl who lives here walking home. I don't know her name unfortunately BUT we did get photos of us all together. :)

So I got photos early than expected and even though I disgraced myself by barfing the night ended good and  we've successfully managed to make the chicken dance universal on a Saturday night.  Good times. :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 35 - Lights, Cameras, Action!

Day 35
18 November 2011
Lights, Cameras, Action!

Initial Impressions: This morning while running late I was shoveling scalding hot oatmeal in my mouth... upon doing this I have given myself a very large blister on the roof of my mouth. Just because I figured you should all know. It's annoying.

Today's Friday! I was also pretty unproductive. Had a good breakfast that burned my mouth, had class - which was easy as I'd done that chapter already.  Came home, did a bit of homework then decided to take a nap. Woke up around 6:30 feeling really ill. I felt like I was going to puke or that I needed to sleep. I wasn't sure what was going on and wasn't too happy. After talking to my mom, who mentioned it might be a good idea to eat something as I haven't eaten since 9 am that I'm probably past the hungry stage and into the starving stage. Which by the way isn't all that much fun. Where were my hunger pains while I was sleeping?!?! I don't want to be starving, I love food! So after thinking and talking I decided to make some noodles, saute them in olive oil and add some veggies.  That went well and apparently I was hungrier than I thought as I finished it all.  After dinner I spent the rest of the night playing video games till my housemate knocked on my door. He (Anthony) has asked to borrow my taser to go out since he was going to a place on a different, unknown side of town (alone). I lent it to him and he was returning it. He also invited me for beers, but as I was in my pj's and kinda broke I said I'm going to just hang out here.  We talked for a little bit, sitting on the roof when suddenly the power goes out. In the whole neighborhood. For a very long time. Everyone is wondering whats up. We talk to the Korean guy for a bit, but he clearly had a good Friday and decided to just call it a night. After that the guy from Haiti, Jean Jacques, Anthony and I hung out on the roof talking.  We are going to get together tomorrow night with wine, beer, popcorn and food and drag out a blanket and some board games. Then we are camping out on the roof to hang out. Hopefully it wont be as cloudy so we can watch some stars.

Oh! Mireille mentioned that TioTehuacan will be closed Monday (*sad*) so we are going to check into that to make sure.  I really REALLY wanted to go. If we can't go this Monday we mentioned going next Saturday. So tomorrow we are going to try to talk to Luis and see if he knows.  If I can't make it to that then I will go to Zocalo for a parade.  There is also a small carnival (starting tomorrow - or tonight if they are the reason the power went out) to celebrate a specific Saint day in relation to the neighborhood. I don't know much about it yet, and will try to find out more tomorrow. If I go to the carnival I'll get photos. But as its already 12:30 am, and I've had no power for a while I think I'm going to go to bed.

Sorry on no photos (again).


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 34 - Zombieeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Day 34
17 November 2011

Initial Impressions: Cloudy. Gray. Zombieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Today I felt like a zombie. I am certain it took me 35 minutes after  I woke up to even say a word to anyone. I just kinda walked around, did what needed to get done and kinda be mind numb. I had Spanish, which was normal (so great). After class we (Shim, Mireille and I) decided to head to the book store. On the way there we happened to be walking behind Anthony, who recognized my voice. He turned around to say hi, and when I introduced Shim to him, I said "Oh, this is Anthony, my housemate. He's the one with the brain parasites..."  Which was quite funny, even if (as Anthony mentioned later) "was one of the ... most interesting ways to introduce someone.... as there aren't better ones...." :D  After running into Anthony, we (the girls and I) headed to the bookstore to buy our book of conjugations of Spanish verbs and grammatical stuffs... Let me tell you, this thing is confusing as all get out.

After buying our books we decided to head to VIPS to eat. It was the closest food place and we hadn't tried it yet. Overall it was very good, except Mireille's gluten free food arrived on slabs of toast... Fortunately my food didn't have gluten in it so we were able to trade. Whatever she had ordered was also very good :D So it worked out perfect. Beans, cheese, and bread? *heaven!* The lunch was a lot of fun, we teased each other, made jokes, laughed and genuinely had a great time. I'm really happy I've met these people, and wish I could stay longer. I feel like we could be even better friends than we are now. So because of that I will strive very very hard to keep in contact with them. :D Speaking of friends, Anthony mentioned that Luis (the Brazilian) wants to go to TeoTihuacan on Monday - SOOOO we are taking a trip. I'm inviting the class tomorrow and I'm certain a good chunk of us will go. It shouldn't be too expensive, but family reading my blog - if you want gifts from there you better put money in my account... also I'm eating Ramen noodles every day and I'm super tired of it.... "Feed Rachael in Mexico Fund Donations"??? *wink wink*

Okay... let's see... new stuff. Again, no pictures, sorry. : / I'm sooo slacking off on that.. but I WILL TAKE MY GOOD CAMERA to teotihucan! Never fear I'll have good photos. :)  Homework, I've successfully managed to write out and conjugate another 40 funny verbs I've never seen before in Spanish. My brain is dead.  I've got to do this homework earlier, because I already am certain I'll be a zombie tomorrow. *mmmmmmmmmmmmmm brains* no no, not that kind of zombie... the kind that doesn't make her bed because she is certain she'll be back into in no time... :D

Also, I've managed to plan out my family trip to Texas for the Holidays to visit the step-siblings. I think I've mapped it all out well, and have contacted my brother and sister (who will be carpooling together) Sister is in, now I'm waiting on Brother (Bryan I'm talking to yooooou!). :D

So things are looking good, homework is getting completed. I've got appointments to make for potential interviews for houses/roomies when I arrive back in the states, Spanish is coming along, trips to see family.... I'm quite happy and excited. I'm also developing a 5 year plan for after I graduate to pay off my student loans and other various goals. :D I'm off to bed at this point. I'll get photos as soon as I can.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 33 - Just Keep Truckin'

Day 33
16 November 2011
Just Keep Truckin'

Initial Impressions: I'm learning a very valuable lesson... If I plan to not ditch, I shouldn't ever ditch....

Today I did go to class! *ha!* I am learning that going to class is a good thing and if you go every day it is easier to keep going and to NOT ditch, because once you ditch class I never ever want to go back and I end up sitting at home playing video games or sleeping and ordering delivery all day like a total bum.... (lesson for when I'm back in the states attending school - No more ditching! or I'll be in college another 7 years *sigh*) I even managed to get all my homework turned in (for Spanish).  Class was good, I wanted to go buy an awesome little book that conjugates verbs for me (which would be very helpful) but I figured it would be better to come home and do my exams than go for an hour adventure for a book. Turns out that was a wise decision. *Shocked face*  I wasn't aware I could make those. But I did. I came home, heated up my left overs and make a turkey sandwich.  Sat on the computer in the kitchen (which I hate) because it was housekeeping day.  I managed to get all 4 quizzes done with a B or higher on EVERY SINGLE one of them. That's 4 quizzes and 12 chapters in 6 hours. *Fist pump* I'm amazing, have I mentioned that? (I also lack humility)  So after that, I logged online and checked my other classes. I have 3 peer reviews I need to get done - So I finished one of them completely. I am a bit concerned that I was a tad to ... overzealous... in the editing process. I tried to tone it down but I LOVE editing. That makes me sound like the biggest nerd on the planet I know... but if you didn't know that 33 posts into my damn blog and my daily mention of my video game addiction to World of Warcraft you aren't paying enough attention and should focus more on my words. There important. Like me. :D

Haha okay, back on topic (since I can't always be the center of my world). I finished one peer review, and downloaded the information for the other two. I'll get those done tomorrow as well as start my Latin American Civ. quizzes OR work on a paper.  I also managed to get my Spanish homework done. That was 40 sentences of verbs I haven't learned (completely) having to conjugate them.  I got them written down, translated about half (I'll do the rest in class tomorrow) and even managed to write down all the verbs I need to study AND the words. I'm so excited. Another nerd alert here, I love to make flash cards. I really enjoy conjugating verbs and putting them on my little flash cards.  Writing things down seems to really help me retain the information. *grin*

Well, I didn't do anything but homework, I didn't get any photos and I even forgot to eat breakfast and dinner. I'm going to lose all this weight by forgetting to eat and getting stressed over homework and my Spanish verbal exam *panic*.... but then I'm going to get home and eat as much crap as I can find AND then I'll have gained double what I lost *sigh*.   Oh! Speaking of that I've decided when I get home I'm going to try to find some kind of athletic activity. I don't know about a gym, I tend to hate them with a passion, much like treadmills. Pointless running in one spot. I'd rather run outside.  So I'm going to look for fun classes (probably yoga, I like yoga) or something else of that nature.   It will help me keep down the stress level of a full course load combined with a part time job and eventually planning my future *scary*.

I've got nothing else for you people. Other than my awesomeness. Which does require at least 5 hours of sleep and a decent meal tomorrow morning or I'll be *rawr* evil Rachael mode.  So good night and I'm debating writing this blog in Spanish, some of it to get practice.  Might be good for me... and make it interesting/boring/pointless for half you readers, though I'm sure Google Translate will take care of it.. unless it hates you like it hates me and CRASHES halfway through my stuff. *death ray glare at Google*.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 32 - Highway Robbery!

Day 32
15 November 2011
Highway Robbery!

Initial Impressions: Why is there knocking on my door? I'm ignoring it. *snooze button for knocking*

Apparently, when you mentally hit "snooze" on someone knocking on your door it works! I managed to fall back to sleep after (I'm assuming) Anthony was trying to see if I was going to class.  I did skip class today, but was extremely productive on every other sense of the day.  I did ALL my laundry, cleaned the fridge out, washed dishes, at breakfast and wrote a whole paper.  *Fist pump*

After being a semi-good student and extremely productive I managed to finally keep my 'movie plans' with my friend.  I walked down to the Metro to catch a taxi, the driver said No problem, he'd find where I need to go... 142.00 Pesos later, 2 phone calls to Yair, and 4 people we stopped and asked directions for he drops me off at a Taxi Stand, jacked an extra 40.00 Pesos from (refused to give me my change) and drove off with me halfway in the damn taxi.  At this point I'm practically 45 minutes late... and I'm certain that is quite late, even by the 'fluid time thing' Mexico has going on.  I then wait in a very long line (I'm 9th) to get a taxi... This driver (fortunately) knew where we were going.  He was 'younger' looking. He asked me where I'm from, my name, my age, and if I'm single. >.> Then I THINK he asked me for coffee, but I was so excited to see the Magnocentro that I pretty much jumped out of the cab and ran in the building ignoring whatever he had said.  Also I'm certain "almost" 37 years old is a bit too old for me.

After arriving at the Magnnocentro (the awesome mall/restaurant/movie theater place) at 7:30 (an hour and a half late) I met Yair and his friend Alan.  We went to Chili's to eat and talk and watch a movie. Unfortunately Yair's friend had to leave early (and we were already quite late).  After dinner we went to a movie, we saw Jack and Jill.  It was an Adam Sandler movie and was hilarious!  Some of the movie even had my eyes watering with tears. The theater was quite large, the seats were fantastic (and leather!!) and you had a good sized amount of leg room (not that I need that being short an all).  Yair was very gentlemanly and paid for dinner and most of the movie cost (pretty much all of it) cause he said the taxi ride was so expensive for me, and an adventure at that.

My first taxi driver was terribly confused and not overly friendly.  I remember Pablo saying to always call for a taxi for safety - we'll I'm finally heeding that, not so much for safetly (probably stupid there right?) but because the taxi stands/called taxis know where the hell they are going and very efficient.  The final taxi I got home, which Yair made sure was safe and the total cost (etc) before I got in got me home in about 1/3 of the time it took me to get there! I will admit there was pretty much no traffic, but that doesn't count!  The views on the ride home were amazing.  Even the ones on the way (the second taxi ride), the houses were gorgeous, the neighborhoods very well kept, Christmas lights up and just... beautiful. On the way home I could see stars!!! I don't think I've seen any since I've been here... maybe that is why I haven't been homesick really... seeing the stars when I was in the UK is what made me first notice I was homesick.  There was a gorgeous church to the East which I wish I'd had enough time to stop and look at or even ask where it was.  Very very old building, I completely fell for it.  I also loved how on a freeway as we started the decent you could see so much of Mexico laid out before you. Very Very pretty.  Overall it (getting lost/late) wasn't too much of an issue, the city is so large I can't imagine anyone knowing the whole thing well enough to navigate perfectly.  I was even fine with the first guy, until he robbed me 40 extra pesos and almost drove off with half my body. That was very rude.

Tonight was fantastic. I had a lot of fun, in fact I think it was one of the times I had the most fun so far here in Mexico while going out.  I really enjoyed the chance to get out and relax, to explore and do something new and just visit with a friend.  I think instead of forcing myself to try to do any exams I will instead go play video games and relax for an hour then go to bed early so I can get up and work on some homework. :D I will attend class tomorrow *fingers crossed* then come home to do my final 4 exams due tomorrow... Wish me luck!

Day 31 - Sleep is for the weak!

Day 31
14 November 2011
Sleep is for the weak!

Initial Impressions:  I am grumpy today. Very very impatient and grumpy.

Today I woke up grumpy. I had weird dreams about people having twin girls and was already annoyed by homework and strange propositions from the states. As it stands, it technically Tuesday, but who's counting?  I went to class (grumpy) and didn't have patience for anyone.  After class I got suckered into walking Wakesa to the pet store where she asked me 900 million questions about getting a dog sent to Kenya.  I do not think she is aware of the fact that I would have absolutely no frame of reference, nor does she hear when I say I think getting a dog in Mexico to take home would be a terrible idea if you don't know the rules.  She then asked me to look it up for her.... I'm not certain how to feel about that.  Grumpy Rachael was annoyed at the audacity, and sheer laziness.... but then I have to re-evaluate things from a not grumpy and American perspective. I calmly explained I don't know anything about that and think she should call her embassy or even her job.  She should also maybe talk to a vet or someone who would know more than I know... and explained that no I do not know of any vets or how to get my dog here or there... since I'm from the U.S. it is completely different rules - in addition to whatever airline restrictions there are.  I don't think it was understood. *sigh*.  Oh well... After that I headed home to make lunch and do homework.

I had a decent lunch spend the next few hours doing online quizzes. I must say I did make progress today.  I did 1 paper, 2 quizzes, and 4 discussion posts.... This is what I have left :

HLS: 4 tests (11/16),
SWL: paper draft (11/15) Peer Review (11/20) Final (11/29) ongoing weekly quiz/discussion (12/4),
SPN: 3 Quizzez (11/20), Paper (12/1), Exam (12/5),
WS: Paper (11/20) Quiz 4 (12/4),
 LitSFF: 11 discussions (ASAP), 2 peer reviews (11/20), Final paper 11/29, Presentation 11/28....

Plus my 2 Finals for my classes in Mexico (and online work)....  Good thing I don't need sleep. :D

Each row is a different class.... It isn't that bad I suppose but it really crimps my time and plans to get out to see the rest of Mexico.  I have learned a lesson... there is this thing called poor time management skills and over planning.... I did that. Or do it. Either way.  I will not take 15 credit hours (5 classes) and then travel to a different country to take 2 more classes, learn a language AND try to see the sights. It is foolishness! Madness! I tell you.  Why didn't anyone talk me out of this?! *pause* oooh wait... you guys tried. Hahaha. Its fantastic because I just wrote a paper on the novel "A Wizard of Earthsea" by Ursula K. Le Guin.  The novel is fantastic but the premise of my paper is that Le Guin is able to prove, "through fantasy literature and the imagination of her readers, that in the battle of good vs. evil more than strength, even more than skill, the most important traits to defeat evil is the personal acceptance of responsibility and ultimately, humanity." Yeah I just copied and pasted that, I was to lazy to retype it.  Anyway... part of my point is how the main character has to grow up into being an adult, and part of that passage into adulthood is disregarding everything anyone tells you to make your own mistakes. I'm REALLY good that. It's like I'm magnetically drawn to some kind of "Rachael Only" flashing sparkly/shiny sign that says "The hard way".  Ah well... it builds... um character. That's it! Character. Haha.

It's pretty much after 2 in the morning here and I've realized not only am I not tired at all (which means I'll probably crash face down on my keyboard then drool all over my space bar causing me to go on a rampage since I wont have a working computer and my classes all finish in 3 weeks) BUT that I have a gazillion homework items to do, no clean socks, and probably should shower today... as I forgot yesterday/today as I was running (grumpily) out of the house and then got sucked into the world of papers/homework/and self-depreciating misery (since no one wants to let me get distracted).  Oh. yes my point. I'm not going to class tomorrow. I feel bad, as I really like Spanish class... but I'm doing well enough in there that I think I can afford to miss one class (or two, as I missed one already - damn honesty!), do my laundry and homework and (maybe if I have time and don't cancel on my friend) that movie I've been talking about going to see for weeks... (which probably isn't even playing!) If I can't see Hugh Jackman, whats the point of watching a movie in Spanish!?! *mmm Hugh Jackman*  But I suppose if I go shower right now, log off the damn internet and manage to wake up by 9 am I will go to Spanish and then come home and have a heart attack to do all my assignments/papers before 5... >.> to then catch a metro to a place I've never heard of that is like 40 minutes away. If I die I was mugged or sold while on the way to meet mine and Bryan's 16 year old friend and you guys have to make sure I get an Incomplete and not an F on my classes ok? That's important. I have to keep that GPA up, even while dead....

Alright I'm being pointless and need to get off the internet. I'm going to bed, but after I upload these photos of sweaters I bought my little dogs. :D

I'd also like to impart this wisdom I learned in my Human Sexuality Class tonight... It's about Hysteria in Women in the 19th Century and how it was treated. 
 Okay so I tried to put a photo but it wont work, and the copyright mentions something about NOT copying it... *shrug* So I'll just tell you:

In the late 19th Century physicians documented, and diagnosed women with something they called "Hysteria".  The medical jargon was that the woman suffered a serious of strange "symptoms" (okay it had the technical ones, but I'm lazy) and would "have a tendency to cause trouble for others, especially family members".  Want to know how they treated it? With Vibrators. Yup.  And because it was a medical procedure and was prohibited due to religious mandates against "self-masturbation" women would have to go the doctors office to have "condition treated".

Weird right? This is what I'm learning in college. Font of "useful information" I will be.  

 If this didn't completely weird you out, welcome to Rachael (aka Me).

(I like me)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 30 - Mercado Madness

Day 30
13 November 2011
Mercado Madness

Initial Impressions: It's kinda nice being up early

So today was the Mercado trip with my classmates.  Unfortunately many of them couldn't make it.  I went out with Kam (China) and Shim and Jang (Korea).  We had a GREAT time actually. Kam and I met up at Copilco and rode up to Coyoacan where we met Shim and Jang.  From there we stopped at a local coffee shop (yummy!) and walked to the market/church area.  It was very nice. I bought a few gift - not much as the mercado seemed to offer more for food.  I saw my first whole dead chickens. I got pictures. Haha.  After shopping and checking out a museum (which was really cool) we went to lunch at a local restaurant. I LOVED the food.  It was very inexpensive, everything was delicious, and in very large portions.  We called it a day and headed our separate ways with plans to visit other sites over the next few weekends since I leave in about 3 weeks! (So soon!).

I've got a bunch of photos, (Half which belong to Shim, who was nice enough to email them to me) which I'll post up and will update on any other plans from today. I'm trying to find another near by mercado for more shopping or I might just call it a day and do more homework. *shrug*


Plaza in Coyoacan

Checking out the awesome dog. We saw this guy walking his
dog by Metro Coyoacan. The dog was gorgeous and friendly
AND so was the guy. :D

(From Right to Left)
Shim, Kam, Jang

Gawd, I'm sooo not photogenic. Haha

Kam, Shim, myself

DEAD CHICKENS! This is the first time
I've seen a whole, naked dead chicken.
Wasn't very pretty. : /


Jang wants "funny photos" (He was making "babies")

I was "born"

Shim, giving Kisses

Don't know how I feel about
Jang trying to "shoot me".

Shim and I

This guy was a guard at the museum... he asked where we are from
TURNS Out he worked in New York and spoke BOTH English and Korean
AND a bit a Chinese. It was fantastic to meet someone who spoke
ALL our languages.
Very nice guy :)