Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 22 - Why must I wake up so early??

Day 22
5 November 2011
Why must I wake up so early??

Initial Impressions: No music? What time is it? Ugggggggg

Well today I got the joy of waking up at 7 am after being out late drinking. BUT on the plus side I did get to wear my AMAZING new leather boots. Today I didn't do much of anything in terms of going out. I woke up very early to a nice morning which progressively got cloudier and windier. After waking up I took a shower which was great cause I fell asleep with my makeup on....okay who am I kidding I tried to play wow and realized that having the video game world moving while the real world was moving around me was way to complicated and then poured myself into bed where I passed out like I was dead.  After my shower I came back to the computer where I did some homework and planned out my class schedule for next semester. Yay! If things go well and I can substitute some of my 400 level (I need 3 left) for my survey courses (I need 3 there too) AND find the classes I need in the Summer I could possible graduate by August, but if that doesn't work out I will be done in December.  I also budgeted my financial aid and figured out that I will be about 350 dollar short every month if I move into the expensive apartments I wanted to move into. So clearly I must also find part time work.... so while taking 18 hours a semester of all English classes (that means mucho reading and writing) I will find time to work. YAY! busy. :D I don't know how to function when I'm not busy.

During all of this planning, apartment hunting and school plans I got a text message from Anthony (the South American) who said, "American! Are you alive?". This helped me realize I haven't moved all day other than to shower and should probably eat. So I went downstairs where I reassured them I wasn't dead and heated up some leftovers.  I then traded my movie collection with Anthony's so we both have new movies to watch while we are here.  We also figured that since the tickets were a last minute thing for the soccer game we will plan better and go for the one in two weeks.  We also made plans to go to the center square in Mexico City tomorrow. *yay!*.  So I should have some new photos for everyone then.  After the plans and lunch I came back to my room where I again, sat around and did nothing but play Wow all night.  Oh! Not true, I painted my nails. :D My toes are a pretty bright red and my fingers have a sort of "french manicure" look to them.

Alright, well that was about it for my day.  Just relaxed, nerded it up and didn't do much of anything. I'll post some photos of going out tomorrow and will let you know on any future plans I have.


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