Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 19 - Dia De Muertos

Day 19
3 November 2011
Dia De Muertos

Look at the gorgeous sunset!
Initial Impressions: I'm alive!!! I wish I could just flick a switch for Spanish/English in my brain. I talk Spanish and do very well understanding it before bed but once I was up its all gone and I have to start over.... Is this smoke going to get my high??

Well, apparently the goat didn't kill me. Which was good since I've got tons of things to do/post/upload. :D  We woke up early and *yay!* the shower worked.  After we had a yummy breakfast at the hotel we loaded up and drove to Chilac (that small town I couldn't remember the name for) to visit the grave sites. At the cemetery we learned quite a bit about the traditions, beliefs, and customs. It was super interesting, although I'm kinda thinking that smoke is making me high *blink*.  I've got a few photos of that and we headed back to the bus station (Dia de Muetros, not my potentially being high from the grave site smoke).  We had to leave by 12 pm so we didn't have much time today.  We loaded up and drove 4 hours back to the city (I also have some photos of that) when we caught the Metro and rode it to Mireille's place.  After that we caught the Metrobus to head towards University except the Pumabuses don't run on holidays, and we had to ride back a stop to catch a taxi for me to get home.  After getting that all done I get home and am completely alone! All of my housemates, and I think even my landlady are out and about.  So I shoot Anthony a text, asking if they found stuff to do... they did, and had been on campus. I dropped off my stuff and ran to campus (okay, I'm lying it was a brisk walk).  I took my large camera, so I've got some AWESOME shots of some of the Dia de Muertos things on campus. I also bought some gifts for people back home... (I'm already needing a second suitcase and I haven't even gotten to the shoe shopping part of this trip... *worried*)  Speaking of shoe shopping in Tehuacan there has to be a shoe store on EVERY corner. I almost had cardiac arrest with the amount of overload I was getting just from staring/drooling on the glass. Boots. Everywhere. Sparkly. High heels. *whimper*

I think this is my favorite.
Well after the very long day and lots of photos I came home to all of my housemates having eaten dinner. Instead of cooking I decided to order a pizza (yeah I'm lazy).  I tried to order Dominos online except the site was down *cry* so I had to step up to plate and order over the telephone.  My very first phone order for food over the phone. It was a hell of a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. So to everyone I know who works in food service and you get impatient when the customer doesn't speak English... give them a second okay? They need to eat too AND if they are trying to use English as much as they are able... good for them, because it is a HELL of a lot harder than you'd imagine.

(Oh. Wow... I think this trip is making me grow up as a person... >.> I didn't sign up for this....)

Okay, after that life altering *Aha!* moment we will tune back into the blog.  Anyway, after I ordered my pizza and was fed up with my ridiculously slow internet (what's going on today!?). I drag my laptop and my butt downstairs to wait... when suddenly... ALL the housemates who are home, and have computers decided to log online (that's 4 of us out of the 7 people who live here, with the house owner).  In fact we are all piled in the kitchen keeping each other company while not socializing AT ALL.

OMG I THINK THERE IS A RAT IN MY WALL! AUGH IM TYPING THIS AND I HEARD SCRATCHING. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it's going to eat me.

Okay... I've checked and I don't see/hear anything. My neighbor just showered so maybe its the water pipes... *glares at wall with taser in hand*.

So I get my pizza, which was one size to big and didn't have pineapples, BUT since she repeated it with mushrooms, and I said no I'm just happy it's edible. *Woohoo!* First order was successful :D *nom nom* Dinner. While eating I hope on wow because I've got nothing else going on and haven't really played in a bit (gotta feed that addiction). While on wow, I was on my low level healer... being power leveled (for those of you who aren't gamers this means that I had someone who was 'stronger' and therefor higher leveled than I was 'powerleveling' or killing monsters for me so I get some experience so that I can level faster and with less work) by a friend.  Welllll this friend was also having a few other conversations, one in specific about the female lady lump assets of his current lady friend.... said conversation sufficiently distracted my friend enough that I died in the game 3 times! *grr*  After several in game deaths, and the realization I've still got to blog I decided to head to bed and call it a night.

Not to much going on today.  Gives me a chance to hopefully get a bunch of photos loaded up and relax for the last part of my holiday from classes as I'm back to them bright and early manana.  Again, whatever photos don't make it up here or will take a while I'll fix on this site and probably make a photo sharing site somewhere else and I've leave ya the website. :)

Day of the Dead Photos from UNAM:

The library (nothing related to the day of the dead)

Another library photo

Day of Dead Photos from Chilac:


  1. Rach,

    What was that? Did you say you were growing up as a person? Who are you and what the hell did you do with Rachael...LOL. To think you had to go all the way to Mexico to be able to say you were growing up. I can see from your pics, tell from your writings and WOW, you are trying new foods now that is truly amazing for my "picky" niece.

    Your trip with friend, Mireille and her family sounds so educational and fun. There is nothing like having a native show you their world...

    Love you, have fun & be safe,

  2. Yeah, it did take a bit of an adventure for me to realize I'm growing up. Crap. I am still picky, despite that fact that I am trying very hard to be open minded on things. The trip was very fun. I miss you guys. Love you too!