Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 27 - Verbos

Day 27
10 November 2011

Initial Impressions: Clearly, everyone has moved to my schedule (i.e. eat breakfast and be *almost* late to class each morning) and we are all now making each other late. I must get up earlier. : /

Today was class, oddly I was 5 minutes past 9 (but 10 minutes early of our agreed 9:15 starting time) and everyone else was way late.  I am doing a bit more talking in class, mostly because the teacher told me to use my Spanish, and just cause everyone talks English (and is also cheating in Japanese) doesn't make it okay. *Haha*.  But I am also enjoying the challenge and feeling my brain trying to work as I'm stretching it to search for words and to make complete sentences. Let me tell you my sentence structure in Spanish is TERRIBLE. I'm certain my sentences lack the proper flow and order... I mean I might have most the words but they are probably conjugated wrong and don't make any sense. I was talking to my taxi driver today, and I told him "todo derecho" as I've heard other people say the same thing on our way to school in the morning.  He said, "derecho o derecha?" To which I blinked for a minute and I said, "derechO" and pointed straight, he said "bueno"... then laughed and asked where I'm from. My *Oh crap*panic* face is still here... I explained I'm from the States and studying Spanish.  And I'm sorry my Spanish isn't great yet... I even told him it took me about a month to learn the difference between derecho and derecha, he got a huge kick out of that.  He also pointed out things on my very short ride and told me what they mean, so like parking lot, and the little side thing the taxis pull into to let passengers out, etc. I thought that was super nice of him :)

Anyway I had class where I planned to finish and come straight home for homework. I needed to be productive as I have a short amount of time to get everything wrapped up.  Instead I got tricked into going to a museum and then taking Mireille to Hooters so she can cross it off her bucket list... okay maybe tricked isn't the right word, but you all know how easily distracted I am! It was EVIL!! After eating and having a great time we split up to head home.  Of course it started sprinkling (no big deal, I like rain) and I figured I'd stop into the Staples on the way home so I can get a few things to start packing my fragile items home.  While in Staples it turned into a MASSIVE downpour and there was thunder and lightening, and FANTASTIC weather. I loved it.  Of course I had pretty much NO cash, and definitely no change since I'd fed it to the Metrobus meter to get back to C.U. (the university area) ... that meant no autobus and no taxi... just walking. So I walked home. In the rain. It was actually really nice. It was raining pretty heavily but not enough to make it a pain in the ass. I got home soaking wet, and made it to my room where I dumped everything soggy by the door on a towel.  As I get in my room and hit the lights and turn on my little heater a huge peal of thunder goes off, my lights flicker and my windows and doors rattle. I LOVE IT! I miss rain storms like this at home.  Aaahhh... perfect weather, great afternoon... and then I get stuck with the realization I still have homework. *sad panda*

So I sit myself down for my homework when Google chrome decides to be evil and not work. I finally, after several days of computer issues decide to defragment, update, restart, and basically FIX my computer. While it is processing/adjusting I start working on my Spanish verbs/homework/studying.  At this point I realize I REALLY miss my grandparents so I can just call them and say, "hey, does this phrase mean this? And if I want to use this in the past tense how do I conjugate it? And basically just have someone to run my questions by."  So now, I miss my grandparents - especially for the green chile, the homemade flour tortillas, and the giant pot of beans, I miss my nephew - who got his first major hair cut and I didn't get to see it, I miss my dogs, I miss my siblings - Bryan for the talking and bonding at work, and no one being as badass as you, Lauren for the gossip and somehow tricking me into going to lunch and paying every damn time, Matthew and Patrick for their gamer talk since they know more about games than I ever will, Janelle for info on her kitty and new things she is doing, and my stepsiblings who I hardly talk to lately cause everyone is busy with their little families all over the states and I hope I get to see you guys for Christmas and catch up on everyone....I miss my cousins - Alec for our late night, dressed like hobos while the creepy manager invades my personal space Ihop dinners and Caitlynn for our talking and constant support and just your overall happy personality.  I miss my aunts and uncles for talking, laughing, and the general ribbing that I get from you guys - Justin for the advice and lunches and ability to share just about everything, Carl for your great advice, computer savvy skills and helping me make things sound intelligent, Annie for not letting me get away with anything, I can't ever pull shit and it's a good thing, Cathi for the constant motivation and advice and drinks after work, Randy for the advice and possibilities for careers and the fact you make a clearly obvious face when an idea/career move is very stupid... It's the visual reinforcement I need to second think my hair brained schemes... And I miss Jenny cause I only get to see her once in a while and the last time wasn't long enough at work... I have friends here who give me shit, but no one knows it better than family.  I miss my dad for the good advice and no one here calls me a liberal with the same kind of affection as you.  I miss my mom for her cooking and great advice and never ending support.  I miss my stepmom for her advice and our lunches and shopping. I miss my stepdad for the straight up honesty and in your face reality of things. You guys help keep me grounded when I think it would a fantastic idea to pack up and move to Costa Rica and live in a hammock on the beach... which honestly doesn't sound that bad..., right?

Okay.. well enough blathering about family. I'm pretty sure this means I'm a teensy bit homesick here, and because of that - This is the only time I'll publicly display my affection for you. You should all appreciate that I put it on the internet where IT WILL NEVER disappear and you all know I love you. Now I should stop procrastinating my homework and get back to conjugating verbs and hating my computer since it disagrees with my pronunciation of FRIO.

I've uploaded a few photos of the area outside the museum, as we went to the Contemporary Art Museum I'd been to last time.


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