Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 31 - Sleep is for the weak!

Day 31
14 November 2011
Sleep is for the weak!

Initial Impressions:  I am grumpy today. Very very impatient and grumpy.

Today I woke up grumpy. I had weird dreams about people having twin girls and was already annoyed by homework and strange propositions from the states. As it stands, it technically Tuesday, but who's counting?  I went to class (grumpy) and didn't have patience for anyone.  After class I got suckered into walking Wakesa to the pet store where she asked me 900 million questions about getting a dog sent to Kenya.  I do not think she is aware of the fact that I would have absolutely no frame of reference, nor does she hear when I say I think getting a dog in Mexico to take home would be a terrible idea if you don't know the rules.  She then asked me to look it up for her.... I'm not certain how to feel about that.  Grumpy Rachael was annoyed at the audacity, and sheer laziness.... but then I have to re-evaluate things from a not grumpy and American perspective. I calmly explained I don't know anything about that and think she should call her embassy or even her job.  She should also maybe talk to a vet or someone who would know more than I know... and explained that no I do not know of any vets or how to get my dog here or there... since I'm from the U.S. it is completely different rules - in addition to whatever airline restrictions there are.  I don't think it was understood. *sigh*.  Oh well... After that I headed home to make lunch and do homework.

I had a decent lunch spend the next few hours doing online quizzes. I must say I did make progress today.  I did 1 paper, 2 quizzes, and 4 discussion posts.... This is what I have left :

HLS: 4 tests (11/16),
SWL: paper draft (11/15) Peer Review (11/20) Final (11/29) ongoing weekly quiz/discussion (12/4),
SPN: 3 Quizzez (11/20), Paper (12/1), Exam (12/5),
WS: Paper (11/20) Quiz 4 (12/4),
 LitSFF: 11 discussions (ASAP), 2 peer reviews (11/20), Final paper 11/29, Presentation 11/28....

Plus my 2 Finals for my classes in Mexico (and online work)....  Good thing I don't need sleep. :D

Each row is a different class.... It isn't that bad I suppose but it really crimps my time and plans to get out to see the rest of Mexico.  I have learned a lesson... there is this thing called poor time management skills and over planning.... I did that. Or do it. Either way.  I will not take 15 credit hours (5 classes) and then travel to a different country to take 2 more classes, learn a language AND try to see the sights. It is foolishness! Madness! I tell you.  Why didn't anyone talk me out of this?! *pause* oooh wait... you guys tried. Hahaha. Its fantastic because I just wrote a paper on the novel "A Wizard of Earthsea" by Ursula K. Le Guin.  The novel is fantastic but the premise of my paper is that Le Guin is able to prove, "through fantasy literature and the imagination of her readers, that in the battle of good vs. evil more than strength, even more than skill, the most important traits to defeat evil is the personal acceptance of responsibility and ultimately, humanity." Yeah I just copied and pasted that, I was to lazy to retype it.  Anyway... part of my point is how the main character has to grow up into being an adult, and part of that passage into adulthood is disregarding everything anyone tells you to make your own mistakes. I'm REALLY good that. It's like I'm magnetically drawn to some kind of "Rachael Only" flashing sparkly/shiny sign that says "The hard way".  Ah well... it builds... um character. That's it! Character. Haha.

It's pretty much after 2 in the morning here and I've realized not only am I not tired at all (which means I'll probably crash face down on my keyboard then drool all over my space bar causing me to go on a rampage since I wont have a working computer and my classes all finish in 3 weeks) BUT that I have a gazillion homework items to do, no clean socks, and probably should shower today... as I forgot yesterday/today as I was running (grumpily) out of the house and then got sucked into the world of papers/homework/and self-depreciating misery (since no one wants to let me get distracted).  Oh. yes my point. I'm not going to class tomorrow. I feel bad, as I really like Spanish class... but I'm doing well enough in there that I think I can afford to miss one class (or two, as I missed one already - damn honesty!), do my laundry and homework and (maybe if I have time and don't cancel on my friend) that movie I've been talking about going to see for weeks... (which probably isn't even playing!) If I can't see Hugh Jackman, whats the point of watching a movie in Spanish!?! *mmm Hugh Jackman*  But I suppose if I go shower right now, log off the damn internet and manage to wake up by 9 am I will go to Spanish and then come home and have a heart attack to do all my assignments/papers before 5... >.> to then catch a metro to a place I've never heard of that is like 40 minutes away. If I die I was mugged or sold while on the way to meet mine and Bryan's 16 year old friend and you guys have to make sure I get an Incomplete and not an F on my classes ok? That's important. I have to keep that GPA up, even while dead....

Alright I'm being pointless and need to get off the internet. I'm going to bed, but after I upload these photos of sweaters I bought my little dogs. :D

I'd also like to impart this wisdom I learned in my Human Sexuality Class tonight... It's about Hysteria in Women in the 19th Century and how it was treated. 
 Okay so I tried to put a photo but it wont work, and the copyright mentions something about NOT copying it... *shrug* So I'll just tell you:

In the late 19th Century physicians documented, and diagnosed women with something they called "Hysteria".  The medical jargon was that the woman suffered a serious of strange "symptoms" (okay it had the technical ones, but I'm lazy) and would "have a tendency to cause trouble for others, especially family members".  Want to know how they treated it? With Vibrators. Yup.  And because it was a medical procedure and was prohibited due to religious mandates against "self-masturbation" women would have to go the doctors office to have "condition treated".

Weird right? This is what I'm learning in college. Font of "useful information" I will be.  

 If this didn't completely weird you out, welcome to Rachael (aka Me).

(I like me)

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